House inspection services - Owner Builder Reports

We have a dedicated team of building consultants specialising in owner builder reports. 

What is an owner builder report

A report that is required by owner builders who are selling their property post construction or after renovating their property. This report is provided to insurers to obtain owner builder warranty insurance.

Who needs an owner building report

Usually requested by a conveyancer, this report is required when an owner builder sells a property within six years and six months from the issue of an Occupancy Permit for new construction or renovation building/landscaping works on the dwelling that exceeds $16,000.00 in value.

An owner building report is required under the Sale of Land Act, Section 32 and the Building Act 1993, Section 137b.

Why use our building consultants

We have a dedicated team of building consultants qualified in owner builder reports and house inspections. These services are provided by House Inspection Services Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Society of Building Consultants – Vic, and a Registered Building Practitioner.  

House Inspection Services Pty Ltd has been specialising in Owner Builder Inspections and Reports since 1988. 

We cover all areas of Melbourne and country Victoria.

How to arrange an owner builder report

Contact us to arrange an owner builder inspection and report for your property.